Getting to the point seems challenging? Try Teamchat

The factors of ’effective’ communication have changed tremendously in the recent years. It has become more crucial to deliver the communication quickly and in the least amount of words- in short, save everyone’s time.
While regular instant messengers like Whatsapp, Hangouts, etc are being widely used for office communication, the context of messages can be lost when the group size goes even a little high. Say a sales team manager asks his team about the sales figure for the day in a chatroom, he is bound to get lost in dozens of replies and comments in varied formats. While some will give their real figures, others will send through incomplete answers or try justifying their inability to answer. This can become quite frustrating let alone time consuming. It becomes difficult to ‘Get to the point’ and know the total sale for the day.


Similarly, if an HR Head tries to run a poll among employees, instant messaging will ensure quick responses, but the vote share needed may get lost in the chat clutter. To-the-point communication can be quite tricky using even these globally used chat apps. You’re bound to lose business, energy and most important of all time hovering through the stream of messages.


How can Teamchat help?
Teamchat provides instant messaging for to-the-point communication among your office teams. This is possible because this enterprise chat app structures messages through chatlets or smart messages that summarize and organize replies in a conversation.


Going back to the sales manager example, posting a simple chatlet in the sales team chat room will help you filter out the numbers you need and aggregate them as they come through- thus getting you ‘to the point’. Meanwhile, queries and excuses can appear on the comments section, allowing you to follow up on those separately to tighten your team.


Similarly, the HR team can easily run polls and surveys on Teamchat, ensuring they get the answers without struggling between long email trails and clutterfull chat rooms.
Teamchat comes with standard integrations like Gmal, Dropbox, Github, etc. and open APIs for customization. You can even integrate it with your existing app with our client SDK.
With so much in store, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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