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- Boost Your Team's Collaboration and Communication
- Completely private - Secure messaging, making Teamchat the smart messaging choice
- Monitor attendance and work hours anywhere

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Cost Effective

Teamchat is cost-effective. It is a freemium app – so you can try before you buy. The premium features have a nominal per-user, per-month fee – so your costs scale with usage. The app comes bundled with pre-programmed templates and is easy to customize, saving you professional services fees.

Instant Insights

Communication lags can cost millions to organisations. Therefore they rely heavily on enterprise chat, the quickest mode of communication out there. Teamchat is one such app that enables you to stay in touch with everyone in your team in real time and thus improve their performance.

Improved Teamwork

Teamwork gets better and easier with Teamchat as it enables efficient communication among teams of unlimited size, without the clutter. It also enables instant discovery of collective views and automated workflows, enabling teams to collaborate effectively.

Realtime Alerts

Whether an organization is spread across a city or the globe, Teamchat enables faster sharing of information with all members at the same time. Real-time alerts and push notifications enable quick responses and approvals.

Complete Admin Support

Orgs need to have total control over all the communication within the company. Teamchat comes with such org admin level controls that enable admins to manage users and groups and export the data for quick records. Complete support is provided by Teamchat to orgs in doing so.

Performance Management

Manage your team’s performance quickly and easily with Teamchat. Monitor key performance indicators, sales targets, response times, action items, travel times, expenses and more in real-time with Teamchat’s chatlets technology, enabling immediate corrective actions.

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