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Improve Daily Operations

Teamchat makes communication – Instant and aggregated, resulting in quick and powerful business decisions instantly. No more waiting for end of day reports. Access instant data to increase team productivity and day to day operations

Enhanced Productivity

Teamchat allows you to communicate with hundreds of employees and team members in real-time. As a result, you can get opinions and approvals in record time. The quick and easy flow of data between chat participants also saves time and boosts employee productivity.

Data Lookup

Circulation of updated information in large teams is challenging. The Teamchat messaging platform enables communication with machines, so you just throw a data lookup command and the machine fetches the updated information from your systems in the form of a simple message.

Announcements & Updates

For large organizations spread across geographies, Teamchat fills the gap between managers and teams. Whether you need to make a public announcement or give an update, this app guarantees the possibility of two-way communication anytime, anywhere.

Attendance Management

Track attendance and working hours with just a few clicks on Teamchat. It can connect you with employees on the field and across different branches. Use it standalone or integrate with your existing attendance monitoring system, be it a bio-metric monitor or an NFC card reader.

Employee Engagement

Overcome the challenge of employee engagement with polls, surveys, contests, announcements and nominations on Teamchat. You can also retrieve feedback on regulations and procedures which leads to high employee retention rates and a happier, more productive workforce.

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