Teamchat Bot SDK

Get started with Teamchat integration in three easy steps

1Signup for Teamchat

To create an account and set a password, click here

2Download SDK

To download SDK binaries, sample code and documentation click here

3Build your Bot

Refer to our Quickstart Guide and Basic Functioning Document before you get started.

Here’s a sample Java “Hello World Bot”. Note: you will have to use registered email and password you created in the first step.

import com.teamchat.client.annotations.OnKeyword;
import com.teamchat.client.sdk.TeamchatAPI;
import com.teamchat.client.sdk.chatlets.TextChatlet;
public class DemoBot {
* This method creates instance of teamchat client, login using specified
* email/password and wait for messages from other users
public static void main(String[] args) {
    TeamchatAPI api = TeamchatAPI.fromFile("")
    .setEmail("") //change to your teamchat registered email id
    .setPassword("password") //change to your teamchat password
    .startReceivingEvents(new DemoBot()); //Wait for other user to send message
* This method posts Hello World message, when any user posts hi message to
* the logged in user (see main method)
public void HelloWorld(TeamchatAPI api) {
             new TextChatlet("Hello World!!")