Teamchat iOS SDK

Bug Fixes
Version 2.4
  • Create group facility is not working.
  • Add members to the group facility is not working.
  • Added custom contacts should ask for either contact with email or contact with phone.
Version 2.3
  • Teamchat contacts are not getting loaded on first attempt when user clicks on add contacts from create group facility.
  • Validations are not working for employee details form.
Version 2.2
  • Unnecessary pop up about hidden member info is displayed to the member when user open member info from iOS
  • Multiple contacts shows as selected on a single click while group creation, using Create group facility
  • Invited (pending) members list is seen even if ‘hide member info’ is on
  • White blank space is observed after upgrade on first instance
  • Pending members tab remains hidden even if admin disables hide member info setting.
  • Enable comments or enable replies option is not available for chatlets
  • User is not able to update profile as keyboard overlaps the controls and can not be closed.
  • Documentation update related to App ID/API key verification
  • The location field’s reply json of iOs App doesn’t have the ‘location’ key
  • User has to update Profile Name and Phone number together, user should also be able to update either of them.
  • Input field marked as non-mandatory in json, still app prompts to enter data while submitting for with null