Large Group Messaging and the Problem of ‘Reply All’

We’ve all been there: A sends an email to B, copying C, D, E and F. But before the day is out, dozens of messages get exchanged and very few, if any, really apply to everyone.

Why does this happen? It’s the “Reply All” problem at work. In our effort to keep everyone better informed, we actually waste a considerable amount of productive time (of our own and others’) struggling to follow conversations or missing some important ones among the dozens (or more) messages.

The Evolution of Large Group Messaging

It all started with the “reply all” feature on mailing lists. It became rather chaotic very quickly, and that led to the much easier-to-follow threaded conversations on bulletin boards. The problem there was that threads often went off on tangents, and it became difficult to sift through all the messages to find the information that was needed.

This led to the advent of the blog. People could now control their own part of the story and solicit replies, but who has time to write long-form blog posts about everything? From this problem sprung the supposed solution of micro-blogging and messaging apps, but these platforms too revived the problem of multiple conversation threads. In all our efforts to eliminate the clutter, it seemed as though the problem had just come full-circle.

The good news is that a solution for this problem of large group messaging and reply-all is now here..

The Teamchat Solution

Teamchat provides the best of both worlds with the help of chatlets- It does not let threads duplicate and create clutter. Instead it updates the previous one. So no matter how many users respond to a poll/survey/any other question in the form of chatlet, it displays just one aggregated summarized message in the conversation thread. Teamchat is also-

  1. Easy to use, just like any other chat app
  2. Customizes to any business workflow
  3. Works on any device
  4. Enables groups of unlimited size
  5. Comes with Admin Panel for administrative controls and data export
  6. Provides open APIs for integration with any existing backend systems
  7. And the app is free to use.


Give it a try! Schedule a demo of Teamchat or write to us at

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