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Lead Management Software

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- Overcome the troubles of geographic boundaries
- Communicate Effectively Regardless of Team Size
- Manage your company’s largest teams with one app

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Location Tracking

Track employees and teams alike with the help of location tracking on Teamchat. Stay connected with everyone working for the company, regardless of whether they in the same building, attending client meetings, or working at another branch altogether.

Large Group Messaging

Teamchat allows you to connect with unlimited team members, unlike most chat apps. This is because of its ability to summarize data from polls, announcements, etc. As a result, you can check the data at your own convenience and continue receiving notifications without the clutter.

Large Team Management

Communication gaps in large organizations get bridged smoothly with Teamchat. Create groups with as many people as you like and easily track their daily performance with just a few taps, swipes and clicks, without getting overwhelmed with clutter.

Dedicated Account Managers

Businesses can be spread across geographies, where some employees work from home, some away from the cubicle or some always on the field. Teamchat is a mobile app that helps you connect all the people who make up your company so that work never stops.

Complete Privacy

Teamchat is a powerful business tool, fully loaded to address all your business communication needs. Teamchat understands your need for privacy. It is a perfectly secure cloud based app that safeguards your data from any possible intrusions. What you do inside the app ‘stays’ inside the app

Lead Management

With Teamchat say goodbye to different tools for lead management. Teamchat lets you track leads from start to close all within the messaging framework. No complicated data to track. All just one click away on your mobile.

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