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Logistics Management

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- Become Productive by Improving the Flow of Data
- Overcome the troubles of geographic boundaries
- Boost Your Team's Collaboration and Communication

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Less Clutter

Regular chat apps tend to grow noisy as the number of participants increases. Teamchat app uses chatlets, which summarizes a chat and makes your conversations structured. This means less clutter and focused chat. Now that’s sure to enhance productivity.

Enhanced Productivity

Teamchat allows you to communicate with hundreds of employees and team members in real-time. As a result, you can get opinions and approvals in record time. The quick and easy flow of data between chat participants also saves time and boosts employee productivity.

Announcements & Updates

For large organizations spread across geographies, Teamchat fills the gap between managers and teams. Whether you need to make a public announcement or give an update, this app guarantees the possibility of two-way communication anytime, anywhere.

Complete Admin Support

Orgs need to have total control over all the communication within the company. Teamchat comes with such org admin level controls that enable admins to manage users and groups and export the data for quick records. Complete support is provided by Teamchat to orgs in doing so.

Group Management

Historically large group messaging has always been a problem. No mail, blog or social media solution could solve this. It has resulted in spam, confusion, too much noise and clutter. Teamchat solves this problem spot on. Group management and communication has never been easier

User Management

The Admin Panel of Teamchat gives orgs the power of managing users within the org. The admin can add/remove members from their same domain as well as different domain. Admin can even manage groups and the members within these groups from the Admin Panel

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