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Mobile Messaging

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- Create noise-free groups of large size
- Enjoy multi-platform flexibility and ease of use
- Communicate Effectively Regardless of Team Size

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Structured Conversations

Teamchat’s innovative smart messages (called ‘chatlets’) are designed to aggregate and summarize information exchanged by team members. As a result, even large teams can have structured organized conversations in noise-free chat rooms.

Any Industry

Team collaboration gets easier with the help of chatlets that can be customized according to your workflow. Whether you’re in retail, medicine, hospitality or banking and insurance, this app will optimize your operations thus reducing the time and effort spent on different tasks.

Any Function

As most office operations are going mobile in today’s smartphone age, Teamchat app is designed to be flexible to any function. In fact, it can offer even more value by customizing as per the requirements of any business function- sales, HR, finance, admin, servicing or any other.

Any time, Anywhere

Forget about email overload and chat apps with limited group sizes. Teamchat is a communication tool that can support unlimited chat for unlimited individuals irrespective of location. Whether you need to communicate, share a survey or upload data, do it on the go with Teamchat.

Works on Any Device

Teamchat works on any mobile and web device. So no matter how remote the field employees are, so long as they have a mobile data connection, they’re connected to their teams via Teamchat. So they can share realtime updates any time of the day, from wherever they are.

Easy to Use

Teamchat is easy to use. It’s as simple as any other messaging app and requires no training. However, unlike other messaging apps, it packs a powerful punch with its in-message chatlet technology. It’s a well-designed blend of simplicity and functionality.

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