Send chatlets over various channels
like SMS, email, etc. with our multi-channel
markup language

Multi channel

RooML supports sending chatlets over multiple channels such as SMS or data including email, custom app, FB, Twitter, Skype and others


RooML language is dynamic which enables you to integrate it with any business workflow and bot built on Teamchat. This is possible using web hooks & messages

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RooML is much more than just one-way messaging. It allows user interaction via smart messages that can enable approvals, data capture, surveys, reports and more

Here are a few use-cases :

1. Data Capture:

A taxi company was finding it difficult to capture real-time feedback from their drivers. They overcome this challenge with a simple RooML call. All the drivers received the link to the feedback survey on SMS. Drivers responded to the chatlet by clicking on the link and the management captured these responses aggregated in Teamchat. Read more


2. Poll:

A large FMCG company needed to communicate with its widely-dispersed dealer/reseller chain.
To plan, coordinate, and generate excitement for their upcoming 3-day dealer/reseller channel meet, they needed lots of quick hands up/down of RSVP’s. Read more

poll case study_long

3. Survey:

To service its clientele better, a large mobile telecommunications company wanted an efficient way to survey customer satisfaction with their products and services.They tried to communicate with their customers through both SMS and personal call but the response rate was low and delayed since even basic SMS inquiries required customers to type in long replies and personal calls required either engaging an outside firm or adding an expensive service center and additional personnel.  Read more

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