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Organizational Communication

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- Enjoy multi-platform flexibility and ease of use
- Communicate Effectively Regardless of Team Size
- Large group managment - spot on

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Works on Any Device

Teamchat works on any mobile and web device. So no matter how remote the field employees are, so long as they have a mobile data connection, they’re connected to their teams via Teamchat. So they can share realtime updates any time of the day, from wherever they are.

Large Group Messaging

Teamchat allows you to connect with unlimited team members, unlike most chat apps. This is because of its ability to summarize data from polls, announcements, etc. As a result, you can check the data at your own convenience and continue receiving notifications without the clutter.

Group Management

Historically large group messaging has always been a problem. No mail, blog or social media solution could solve this. It has resulted in spam, confusion, too much noise and clutter. Teamchat solves this problem spot on. Group management and communication has never been easier

Any Team Size

Large business teams can be more efficient and productive with the innovative chatlet technology of Teamchat. So regardless of your team’s size, you can communicate effectively and instantly with just a few swipes, without getting overwhelmed by the clutter.

Large Team Management

Communication gaps in large organizations get bridged smoothly with Teamchat. Create groups with as many people as you like and easily track their daily performance with just a few taps, swipes and clicks, without getting overwhelmed with clutter.

Whole Org Connected

Each organization on Teamchat is allocated a dedicated account manager. These managers are experts in their own field that understand your business in detail. They help you get the most out of Teamchat and stay as your single point of contact for support.

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