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Performance Management System

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Performance Management

Manage your team’s performance quickly and easily with Teamchat. Monitor key performance indicators, sales targets, response times, action items, travel times, expenses and more in real-time with Teamchat’s chatlets technology, enabling immediate corrective actions.

Rewards & Recognition

Make your team members feel special through praise and rewards. With Teamchat, you can make your team members’ achievements known to all. You can even customize your announcement chatlets to ensure that no one misses it. As a result, you will have a fully motivated, highly productive team.

Employee Engagement

Overcome the challenge of employee engagement with polls, surveys, contests, announcements and nominations on Teamchat. You can also retrieve feedback on regulations and procedures which leads to high employee retention rates and a happier, more productive workforce.

Large Team Management

Communication gaps in large organizations get bridged smoothly with Teamchat. Create groups with as many people as you like and easily track their daily performance with just a few taps, swipes and clicks, without getting overwhelmed with clutter.

Any Team Size

Large business teams can be more efficient and productive with the innovative chatlet technology of Teamchat. So regardless of your team’s size, you can communicate effectively and instantly with just a few swipes, without getting overwhelmed by the clutter.

Large Group Messaging

Teamchat allows you to connect with unlimited team members, unlike most chat apps. This is because of its ability to summarize data from polls, announcements, etc. As a result, you can check the data at your own convenience and continue receiving notifications without the clutter.

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