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Real Time Reporting – A Must for all Teams!

Communication lag is one of the factors responsible for major losses in any organization. Today even when the world is going mobile, real time reporting remains to be a major challenge when it comes to large team communication. You have to wait for a long time to gather, analyze and take action on all the data. But with Teamchat messaging app, you can get the information you need instantly.

How it works?
The Teamchat enterprise chat tool has successfully helped many organizations with automated, self-updating real time reports, faster sharing of information, and real-time alerts which ensure quick actions.

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Here are functions that come in the real time reporting package on Teamchat-

  1. Location Tracking – Stay connected with your employees. Track their whereabouts regardless of whether they’re in the same building, at another branch or out on the field.
  2. Aggregated Results – Using chatlets (smart messages) on Teamchat you can reduce large team messaging clutter because it summarizes and aggregates data in real time. This helps you take decisions faster.
  3. Instant Data Capture from Remote Employees – Being a mobile app, Teamchat helps you capture large amounts of data from your remote team members, no matter wherever they are.
  4. Swift File Exchange – In many cases, videos, photos and other files also need to be shared along with textual data. Teamchat helps your remote employees send these files instantly, sparing them from having to wait until they can go to their computers.


How does this benefit you?
Real time reporting allows you to gain instant visibility into your company’s data and information and you get the following benefits:

  • Better Strategic Decisions – With real time reports, business executives can make effective decisions and in the right time. They can detect trends and even make predictions based on the data in their hands.
  • Faster Return on Investment – Better decisions have the power to improve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and boost overall productivity. These three combined ensure a good return on investment (ROI) while helping you realize the company’s vision and goals.
  • Instant Effective Communication – Teamchat enterprise chat allows you to stay connected with everyone at any time and ensures there are no communication gaps. It allows you to make announcements and reach out to employees so everyone on your team is informed of any changes.
  • Continuous Employee Monitoring – There is always a need to monitor employees, especially if you’re managing a large team. Real time reporting makes this task easier by tracking their minute by minute performance.
  • Efficient Time Management – Rather than forcing a team of professionals to go through the tedious reporting process, they can automate every aspect of it and focus their attention on other important tasks. Just the elimination of sifting through massive amounts of data can improve their productivity by days.

So rather than worrying about email overload or chat apps with limited group sizes, try Teamchat.
Here’s a case study showing how real time reporting on Teamchat benefited a large sales organization.

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