Regular messaging apps – Just not the thing for sales teams!

The biggest problem with nearly all messaging systems is the struggle to follow conversations or missing important conversations because of the dozens of messages received daily. Very quickly things become chaotic. Managing the messages is an overwhelming task. Salespeople are notorious for having short attention spans. When trying to access a message sent earlier in a day, it is necessary to wade through numerous messages and irrelevant content to locate the message one wishes to find.

Inappropriate tools and technology are problems sales teams encounter. Tactical confusion translates to poor execution. Sometimes, sales team members have to resort to offline tactics because the right message was not sent to the right person through the correct communication channel.

The typical use-cases where communication is known to be a problem for sales team are:

  1.  Training-
    Getting an entire sales force together for training is almost impossible due to their frequent sales calls and busy travel plans. Although e-learning through online modules and videos can work, it is difficult to track everyone’s progress.
  2. Allotment of sales targets and collation of daily sales figure-
    Sales forecasting is a crucial part of any business plan. This daunting, but necessary task is needed by companies who want to ensure their business is developing successfully.
  3. Announcements of offers and changes in schemes-
    Companies need a better way to send notifications. The notifications may include alerts, warnings, and updates. But too many irrelevant notifications on emails can make escalation processes difficult.
  4. Lead assignment
    Employees make lead prospect referrals. The inside sales team also generates leads by making outbound calls and the regional manager then assigns the leads to specific sales representatives.
    There are high chances of slippage in leads if this process is not streamlined properly.


Might We Suggest . . .

Teamchat is a messaging platform that a team of any size can utilize and its biggest advantage is the clutter-free communication it offers. And this is exactly how it can make sales teams more productive and efficient.

The team can access Teamchat from the mobile or web platform from any location at any time. The format of reporting and workflow can be customized to every team’s requirement.

The service comes for free and has a unique feature called ‘chatlets’ made to aggregate and summarize data to reduce the clutter in conversations. Thus they help important messages to stand out. (Read more about chatlets :

A sales team can set up groups on Teamchat and can collect real-time daily sales reports, plan meetings, assign leads and make forecasts. Team activities can be tracked to include customer visits, attendance monitoring and much more. And the best part is, the management team gets all the access to this information.

Teamchat is a solution to nearly all communication problems for even the largest of sales teams and orgs worldwide are using it for this purpose. Give it a try. Schedule a demo now!

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