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Retail Management

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Cost Effective

Teamchat is cost-effective. It is a freemium app – so you can try before you buy. The premium features have a nominal per-user, per-month fee – so your costs scale with usage. The app comes bundled with pre-programmed templates and is easy to customize, saving you professional services fees.

Surveys & Polls

Creating surveys and polls through Teamchat is very easy. With this business communication app, you can get real-time responses and speed up the decision-making process. Stopping responses is just as easy; all you need to do is press Expire and your team will no longer be able to reply.

Lead Management

With Teamchat say goodbye to different tools for lead management. Teamchat lets you track leads from start to close all within the messaging framework. No complicated data to track. All just one click away on your mobile.

Faster Decisions

Teamchat makes communication faster and more effective. Your messages will reach all your team members in real-time, allowing you to get their feedback on different matters easily. Polls and surveys can further quicken the process, ensuring better and faster decisions.

Data Lookup

Circulation of updated information in large teams is challenging. The Teamchat messaging platform enables communication with machines, so you just throw a data lookup command and the machine fetches the updated information from your systems in the form of a simple message.

Instant Aggregated Results

Teamchat makes communication smarter. It reduces large team messaging clutter plus it summarizes and aggregates data in real time. So if it is a poll or a survey or a sales figure report, the results are aggregated making communications so much more quicker and powerful for instant decision making

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