noun: 1. A markup language
that can send chatlets over various channels
like SMS, email, etc.


RooML is a multi channel messaging language supporting data, sms and email. Unlike simple text messaging, RooML has support for interactive messages. It allows embedding buttons and forms inside messages. Using the various RooML actions and events, very complex worklows can be created. To know more click here

How RooML works?

RooML uses Teamchat smart messages in the backend to power the various actions. Users receive the messages over different channels (like SMS, email, teamchat) in a format that is best suited to the particular channel. These messages are interactive allowing users to respond to them. When the users respond, Teamchat smart messages handle the same collating information as appropriate. In addition, RooML raises the appropriate events allowing integration with your web app.

RooML Actions

  • notify : Send a text message to the user.
  • take-action : Send a message to the user with one button.
  • get-approval : Send a message with two buttons (yes and no).
  • get-data : Send a message to the user with an embedded form. The form can be used to collect data from the user.
  • schedule : Schedule a set of actions for some time in the future.
  • tabular-report : Send a message to the user with a link. On clicking on this link, a tabular report will be visible.
  • http-get : Make an HTTP request. Consider the response as valid RooML actions and perform the same. This is the major construct for performing integrations with web apps.

RooML events

  • on-takeaction : The user tapped the button in a take-action message
  • on-yes : The user tapped the yes button in a get-approval message
  • on-no : The user tapped the no button in a get-approval message
  • on-expiry : Timeout occured for any message. This can be used to set a timeout for users to respond.
  • on-delay : Timeout for a schedule action

RooML user types

  • sms-users : All messages to this user will go over SMS.
  • email-users : All messages to this user will go over Email.
  • teamchat-users : All messages to this user will go inside the teamchat app.
  • Coming soon (Skype, FB, Slack, Twitter)

Sample RooML script – leave requisition flow

  <email-user email="" />
    <for-action>Please approve leave request #2456 for next Wednesday</for-action>
        <email-user email="" />
        <email-user email="" />
        <notify>Leave request #2456 rejected</notify>
        <email-user email="" />
        <email-user email="" />
        <notify>Leave request #2456 accepted</notify>

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