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You’re Invited to the Messaging 2.0 Meetup on Thur Dec 17 at San Francisco

It’s clear that messaging is by far the most popular activity on mobile devices. While the first wave of messaging focused on basic communication, the second wave is taking messaging to a whole new level. Messaging is emerging as the new platform that’s enabling e-commerce, customer support, business workflows, IOT messaging, automated services and much more. Messaging bots are emerging as the new way to deliver automated services: bots are the new apps. Message formats are expanding way beyond plain-text messaging: the message is the new UI. With this new UI/UX paradigm what does the future hold? Join us out our first Messaging Meetup to find out –

Messaging 2.0 Meetup: The Rise of Messaging Platforms
This event will feature a panel of distinguished founders from the messaging space including Beerud Sheth, founder of, and previously Elance, and Matt Berman, founder of SendSonar and others (pending confirmation). We will be discussing the perfect storm of user needs and emerging technologies that are driving a massive wave of innovation and adoption in messaging.

Date: Thursday Dec 17, 2015
Time: 05.00 pm onwards
Venue: The VAULT, 415 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA
RSVP: To RSVP, click here
Contact: Alex Miller: +1 (920) 368 6356 |
This is a perfect platform for product visionaries, developers and entrepreneurs to connect interact and learn about how chat and messaging are transforming the mobile experience. So don’t miss it!


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