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Secure Messaging App

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- Completely private - Secure messaging, making Teamchat the smart messaging choice
- You and only you have access to the data meant for you
- Make quick business decisions - improve team productivity and daily operations

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Complete Privacy

Teamchat is a powerful business tool, fully loaded to address all your business communication needs. Teamchat understands your need for privacy. It is a perfectly secure cloud based app that safeguards your data from any possible intrusions. What you do inside the app ‘stays’ inside the app

Data Security

When it comes to organizations, data security holds ultimate priority. Teamchat takes care of data with SSL3 code based encryption. So the work keeps going thru Teamchat, without the companies having to worry about security of their data.

Data Lookup

Circulation of updated information in large teams is challenging. The Teamchat messaging platform enables communication with machines, so you just throw a data lookup command and the machine fetches the updated information from your systems in the form of a simple message.

Instant Insights

Communication lags can cost millions to organisations. Therefore they rely heavily on enterprise chat, the quickest mode of communication out there. Teamchat is one such app that enables you to stay in touch with everyone in your team in real time and thus improve their performance.

Instant Data Capture

Large teams means large amount of data. Capturing this data as fast as possible helps in making quicker decisions and taking required action imediately.Teamchat app comes with this capability- instant data can be captured in the form of simple smart messages, whenever, wherever the employee is.

Complete Admin Support

Orgs need to have total control over all the communication within the company. Teamchat comes with such org admin level controls that enable admins to manage users and groups and export the data for quick records. Complete support is provided by Teamchat to orgs in doing so.

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