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- Keep the entire organization well-connected

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Faster Decisions

Teamchat makes communication faster and more effective. Your messages will reach all your team members in real-time, allowing you to get their feedback on different matters easily. Polls and surveys can further quicken the process, ensuring better and faster decisions.

Cost Effective

Teamchat is cost-effective. It is a freemium app – so you can try before you buy. The premium features have a nominal per-user, per-month fee – so your costs scale with usage. The app comes bundled with pre-programmed templates and is easy to customize, saving you professional services fees.

Realtime Alerts

Whether an organization is spread across a city or the globe, Teamchat enables faster sharing of information with all members at the same time. Real-time alerts and push notifications enable quick responses and approvals.

Custom Integrations

Apart from standard integrations like Gmail, Github, Dropbox, etc. Teamchat comes with the option of integrating any other services/devices with Teamchat. Be it an iOT device or a third party service you have been using, its easy to customize Teamchat as per your requirement

Device Integrations

Teamchat is more than an app. It is a messaging platform. Collaborate better with your team by keeping all services in a single place. Feed information from external services automatically in to Teamchat with these integrations and stay up to date on your team’s progress

Dedicated Account Managers

Businesses can be spread across geographies, where some employees work from home, some away from the cubicle or some always on the field. Teamchat is a mobile app that helps you connect all the people who make up your company so that work never stops.

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