Teamchat Integrations

Keep it all in one place

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Collaborate better with your team by keeping all services in a single place. Feed information from external services automatically in to Teamchat with these integrations and stay up to date on your team’s progress.While we continue to grow this list, we’d love to know your requirement too. Do write to us at

Asana: You can login to Asana using Teamchat, assign tasks to your teammates and keep realtime track of tasks assigned to/by you
Basecamp: Teamchat, when integrated with Basecamp allows you to send/ receive messages and keep a tab of all ongoing projects

Box: Create a unified storage location for content received on Teamchat with Box integration without switching between apps.
Dropbox: Easily share your Dropbox files in to Teamchat and save your Teamchat files on Dropbox with this integration.

Evernote: With a single keyword, Teamchat lets you create a new note on Evernote. It also communicates its reminders and notifications via Teamchat
Git: Send your Git notifications (commits, pushes, issues, pull requests, and more) directly to one or more Teamchat groups.

Gmail: Automatically log emails you receive on your Gmail account in to Teamchat so that you never miss an important one.
Google Calendar
Google Calendar: Teamchat lets you create an event, view event list or get regular reminders about upcoming/missed events

Google Drive
Google Drive: Create, edit, share Google docs or upload files on Google Drive with Teamchat by integrating it with Google Drive
GoToMeeting: Integrate Teamchat with your GoToMeeting account to schedule meeting and receive meeting notifications and reminders

Hipchat: Be a part of your Hipchat room conversations on Teamchat. You can read, reply or share files on Hipchat with Teamchat integration
IoT: Enable machine to machine communication by integrating IoT (Internet of Things) devices with Teamchat as a platform.

JIRA: Enable your developer team to work with greater agility by getting all JIRA notifications directly on Teamchat.
LinkedIn: You can get regular LinkedIn notifications on Teamchat and talk to your Linkedin contacts with one touch

Mailchimp: Teamchat, when integrated with Mailchimp can be used to triger a campaign, get campaign summary, abuse details and success reports
Nagios: Integrate your existing Nagios monitoring solution in to Teamchat and have these alerts escalated to the the right person.

RSS Feed
RSS Feed: Teamchat helps you keep a track on feeds from your RSS list. You can schedule the frequency of updates or promptly check for new feeds.
Slack: Teamchat can be integrated with slack which helps you connect, communicate share rich media, files etc. to your slack channels.

SMS: Keep the communication going even when the team is out of data. Send them all Teamchat activity through this SMS integration.
SugarCRM: Get Leads assigned to you, new account notification and meeting requests from SugarCRM on Teamchat.

To-Doist: You can add task, get notifications and take actions on ToDoist with one click on Teamchat
Twilio: Integrate your Twilio account with Teamchat and send or schedule messages to unlimited numbers

Twitter: Tweet via Teamchat by simply integrating it to Twitter. You can also receive notifications and mention tweeps in your tweets
Yahoo: Get notifications for all emails received on your Ymail account in Teamchat with this simple Yahoo email integration.

Yammer: You can use Teamchat to post photos on your Yammer groups or users. You can also post polls on your groups
Youtube: Search for videos, view them, search channels, subscribe to them all on Teamchat with its simple Youtube integration

Zendesk: You can manage ‘support’ of your product/service and take actions on tickets assigned to you on Teamchat by integrating it with Zendesk.
Zapier: Integrate Teamchat with various online services on Zapier to automate your work. Just create a zap and get notifications from these services on Teamchat

… and many more to come