Still Using Consumer Chat Apps for Your Business?

By August 2014, 600 million users signed up for WhatsApp, 608 million for Viber, 100 million for Skype, and 200 million for Facebook Messenger. The importance of chat apps in peoples’ lives is increasing every day. In fact, it has also become an integral part of businesses since it streamlines communication and allows quick exchange of files, documents and messages.
Unfortunately, many decision makers continue to use consumer chat apps at work, when enterprise chat apps are providing just the right features that any professional asks for.

  • Persistence – Business conversations shouldn’t be deleted or altered in order to allow people to refer back to their conversations. Besides, governments demand electronic trails for archiving and legal requirements. Enterprise chat apps store messaging history for the same reason while consumer ones don’t.
  • Security – Because of the sensitive nature of exchanged data, business chat apps use enterprise-grade security. They use end-to-end encryption to ensure the safety of the data. Teamchat, in this case, offers to store confidential data with the ‘Data Residency Option’.
  • Business Specific Features – Any business would prefer features such as advanced alerts, filtering, polls and surveys templates, service integrations and so on. In that case, a customizable enterprise chat app is always a better idea than consumer apps. Teamchat can be customized as per any business workflow and can be integrated with any backend systems, devices or services.
  • Support – Consumer chat apps don’t offer instant support most of the time. However, considering the fact that real-time crucial data is being exchanged, enterprise apps like Teamchat come with instant support to ensure that your business operations aren’t affected.
  • Administrative Controls – Organizations have authority over enterprise chat systems which is why they should have a management mechanism to control the content visibility and create backup. Teamchat allows org administrators to manage users, groups and data through a dashboard called the Admin Panel.

Many businesses, small or large, are gradually moving to enterprise chat systems to reap all these benefits. Schedule a free demo to know more about Teamchat!

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