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‘Comments’ now with every Chatlet

“Large group, clutterfree conversations” has always been the objective of Teamchat. Taking this further towards reducing clutter we have added the ability to ‘Comment’ on Chatlets.


This means that- along with replying to chatlets with a final answer, users can now discuss the same topic. Earlier, members exchanged regular unstructured messages to share their thoughts about the topic of a chatlet. But now, all their thoughts and doubts stay threaded to the parent chatlet, just like their ‘replies’. The comments are filed away. This helps the readers to quickly understand the context of each comment unlike unstructured chat.

E.g. When a sales head asks his team for actual sales for the day through a chatlet, his team can ‘reply’ to it with their actual figures. That’s not all. Simultaneously the team can exchange its opinions and feedback under the ‘comments’ section. In the ‘replies’ page, the sales head gets to see everybody’s performance at a glance, whereas the ‘comments’ are filed away on a separate page.

Long discussions happening across geographies amongst hundreds of members are now possible to follow with just a click of a button. Easy, innovative and way more structured!

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