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Team Chat Software

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- Create noise-free groups of large size
- Become Productive by Improving the Flow of Data
- Manage your company’s largest teams with one app

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Any Team Size

Large business teams can be more efficient and productive with the innovative chatlet technology of Teamchat. So regardless of your team’s size, you can communicate effectively and instantly with just a few swipes, without getting overwhelmed by the clutter.

Less Clutter

Regular chat apps tend to grow noisy as the number of participants increases. Teamchat app uses chatlets, which summarizes a chat and makes your conversations structured. This means less clutter and focused chat. Now that’s sure to enhance productivity.

Enhanced Productivity

Teamchat allows you to communicate with hundreds of employees and team members in real-time. As a result, you can get opinions and approvals in record time. The quick and easy flow of data between chat participants also saves time and boosts employee productivity.

Improved Teamwork

Teamwork gets better and easier with Teamchat as it enables efficient communication among teams of unlimited size, without the clutter. It also enables instant discovery of collective views and automated workflows, enabling teams to collaborate effectively.

Location Tracking

Track employees and teams alike with the help of location tracking on Teamchat. Stay connected with everyone working for the company, regardless of whether they in the same building, attending client meetings, or working at another branch altogether.

Highly Customizable

Teamchat is very flexible. It can be adapted to your business requirements in many ways. Teamchat offers configurable chatlets, group-specific chatlets, server-side API and client-side SDK. Using these, you can essentially build your own customized app on top of Teamchat.

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