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Improved Teamwork

Teamwork gets better and easier with Teamchat as it enables efficient communication among teams of unlimited size, without the clutter. It also enables instant discovery of collective views and automated workflows, enabling teams to collaborate effectively.

Large Group Messaging

Teamchat allows you to connect with unlimited team members, unlike most chat apps. This is because of its ability to summarize data from polls, announcements, etc. As a result, you can check the data at your own convenience and continue receiving notifications without the clutter.

Realtime Alerts

Whether an organization is spread across a city or the globe, Teamchat enables faster sharing of information with all members at the same time. Real-time alerts and push notifications enable quick responses and approvals.

Surveys & Polls

Creating surveys and polls through Teamchat is very easy. With this business communication app, you can get real-time responses and speed up the decision-making process. Stopping responses is just as easy; all you need to do is press Expire and your team will no longer be able to reply.

Advanced Workflows

“Teamchat is an innovative business communication tool that features advanced workflow capabilities. You can automate messaging workflows for multi-step, cross-team processes such as approvals, lead-flow, cross-sell, up-sell, etc. The successful completion of each step triggers the next.

Language support

What’s a messaging app if it cannot work for everyone? Language is no barrier on Teamchat. Business collaborations are now easier on Teamchat since the app takes on the language set on your phone, making business uninterrupted.

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