noun: Repeatable pattern of business activity
enabled by systematic process information.


Organizations can quickly and easily automate their workflows using Teamchat APIs.

Organizations can also share their workflows with other Orgs easily as described below.

When a work flow is automated, it can be setup as a bot (an automated user) on teamchat. Inviting the bot into a chat group activates that work flow in that group. The bot can read and write messages to the group it is invited into. Depending on its programming, a bot may respond to specific keywords, messages or actions in the conversation.

Thus, enabling a work flow in a group is as easy as inviting the bot into that group. See examples of workflow bots below that have been created by other organizations.


Create dispatch calls. Assign to members with location assistance. Members can log in their estimated time and check in to send confirmation that the call has been attended

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Real time comparison of projected and actual targets in visual form. Example – Do a quick entry of targeted plan for the month versus the actual achieved and get comparison charts instantly

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Keyword:  PLAN – To enter the projected plan.  ACTUAL – To enter the actuals achieved


Organise quick raffle contest in large or small groups. Automated, instant results. Great for conferences, events and other occassions

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Keyword:  RAFFLE – To start the contest. STOPRAFFLE – To stop the raffle and get the name of the winner


Push your team to achieve higher. Motivate them everyday with quotes.

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TC Demo

Want to know more about Teamchat? We have just the bot for you. Take a walk through TC and the infinite possibilities it has.

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Keyword:  TCDEMO

Star of the Day

A great way to praise efforts of your team and motivate. Publish star achievers in your group in quick easy steps

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Keyword:  STAR – To get the form to fill and submit the achievers details

Contact us to create your own bots for simple or complex work flows.

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